Brancaccio Theater

The Brancaccio Theater, built on a project by the architect Luca Carimini and then built by the engineer Carlo Sacconi after the completion of the entire Brancaccio building, was inaugurated on January 16, 1916 with the name of Teatro Morgana. The name then changed to Politeama Brancaccio, in memory of the original ownership of the site and the space was used, since 1937, also as a cinema.

Over the decades great actors very dear to the city such as Ettore Petrolini, Totò, Aldo Fabrizi, Anna Magnani, Giuseppe Di Stefano performed there, as well as musicians of all kinds, from Fabrizio De André to Jimi Hendrix (1968), from Louis Armstrong to Adriano Celentano.

After years of decline, the theater – owned by the Municipality of Rome – was restored and reopened in 1978 by Gabriele Lavia and Gigi Proietti.

The historic hall with over 1300 seats, consisting of stalls and balconies, with its elegant foyer equipped with a double bar, lends itself perfectly to any type of event.

International congresses (such as Attachment and Trauma) and great shows make the Brancaccio Theater one of the obligatory stops for a visit to Rome.

The Amalfi Hotel, just 300 meters walk from the Brancaccio Theater, is one of the historic hotels in Rome and a reference point for anyone who wants to participate in the many events that are organized in this treasure of the Eternal City.